The Interadvocacy Institute works with organizations directly to help them use technology more effectively to communicate with key constituents, increase engagement, and deliver better results.

Whether you have a well-established digital approach and just want another perspective from a fresh set of eyes and ears or you’re seeking to implement substantial change, we can develop an effective consulting engagement to meet your needs.

The Institute can help you with:

  • Digital communications audit. Let us help you take stock of your inventory of content and resources, as well key data related to performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Facilitated planning. We can meet with your team to help guide a review of existing digital tools and strategies with an eye toward future improvements.
  • Executive advisory services. Senior leadership often appreciates a different perspective or additional insight on key challenges and opportunities.
  • Digital coaching. For those individuals charged with leading, developing, or executing an organization’s digital outreach, we provide personalized coaching to help expand skill sets and provide a sounding board for new ideas.
  • Vendor research and reviews. The Institute team can collaborate with you to help you identify the right vendors for your projects by helping with RFP creation, developing key questions, and providing feedback on proposals. We don’t make the choices for you, but we can provide another perspective that may assist in decision-making.
  • Customized research. Whether you want to better understand available tools or examine approaches that other organizations are taking to similar challenges, the Institute can provide custom reports or collaborate on joint research projects.
  • Personalized training plans. Please visit our Training page to learn about how we can work with your organization to develop specialized training for your staff, allies, and advocates.

Contact the Interadvocacy Institute to learn more.