With digital tools and techniques constantly changing, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest developments and education yourself, your team, and your allies about best practices.

Provided both on-site or via private webinars, the personalized training programs provided by the Interadvocacy Institute include:

  • Staff training. Whether you’re looking to improve general digital knowledge and awareness or have specific needs, we can develop an approach that meets your requirements and is delivered in a format that works best for your team.
  • Constituent education. Whether you’re a trade association looking to educate members at an annual conference or a large corporation looking to train employees on effective digital advocacy, the Institute is available to help.
  • Conference keynotes and panels. If you’re hosting a conference and want to provide attendees with topical education related to public affairs technology, the Institute can arrange an agenda that meshes with your existing plans.
  • Joint webinars. The Institute happily partners with other organizations to present webinars on relevant topics.

In addition to these personalized training sessions, we also frequently offer Webinars and Events on a wide variety of digital public affairs and communications technology topics that are open to general participation.

Contact the Interadvocacy Institute to learn more.